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Thread: Lets Play Super Mario 64

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    Lets Play Super Mario 64

    Super Mario 64 Almost Completed folks just help me out on viewers man!
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    You should not be making Let's Play's to become popular.

    You should not aim to get more viewers on your LP's.

    You should concentrate on increasing the quality of your videos.

    You should read this post for more helpful informationon making better quality LP's!
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    What Mush said. Since you made two threads (for whatever reason) I'm locking this one. We can continue the discussion in the other thread you made.
    The best thread ever.

    [20:20:42] Junpei Hydra: Next metroid should be a karaoke simulator
    [20:21:00] gamwhiz1: with dancing motion controlls
    [20:21:12] Junpei Hydra: Or a game where you play as Samus watching chick flicks while eating a tub of ice cream
    [20:21:28] Junpei Hydra: Because Adam's death was so saaaaaaaad
    [20:21:28] gamwhiz1: and updating her facebook status
    [20:21:39] gamwhiz1: BFF adam died today QQ
    [20:21:52] gamwhiz1: *status changed to "it's complicated"*
    [20:21:52] Junpei Hydra: L O L blew up a planet and lost my hair scrunchie #firstworldproblems
    [20:21:54] Cyrekk: Next Metroid is a fanfic crossover where Samus and Cortana are the same person: "Metaroid++"

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