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Thread: Let's Play The Simpsons Game

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    Let's Play The Simpsons Game

    I got some good feedback from the feedback thread, so I though what the hey, there's no harm in trying.

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    Sorry this has lingered for so long.


    Game Choice: I've never seen this LP'd and the game is pretty entertaining, good choice.
    Editing: Thanks for taking the time to edit the boss fight down to just the action. This was a really good decision.
    Audio: Your microphone is good and the audio levels are well-balanced.

    Needs Work:
    Commentary: Because you did live commentary, the part where you edited it feels really choppy and is mostly silent except for an "Oh yeah" or "Take that" every time you hit the boss. On the whole, your commentary was kind of disjointed and it just wasn't engaging. I was much more interested in the game than I was in what you were saying. As always, I recommend you do post-commentary.

    On the whole, the video was kind of boring but otherwise decent. I'm going to give this a yes for a few reasons. First, you took the effort to do some editing in your video which puts you ahead of at least 80% of other status attempts. Second, I checked out your channel and noticed that you finished this LP last night. You've sunk some significant hours into this and it's clear you're willing to put in effort to get better. Third, I think your commentary will quickly improve as you make more videos. And finally, you didn't bitch in this thread even though nobody responded to you for two whole weeks, so I think you'd make a good member of the forum.

    One more yes needed, good luck.
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    Audio Quality
    Game Audio is Present
    Audio Levels
    Not Talking over Cutscenes - Just note that you are allowed to talk over the cutscenes if you or your guests are really funny (and we've given you feedback confirming you're funny).

    Editing - It's good that you are editing, but you makes some bad mistakes. Why aren't you cutting the loading screens? That's probably the first thing you should cut. Cutting out the boring combat is a good idea, but you cut off some of the unique dialogue when fighting the Patty and Salma dragon boss. That shouldn't happen. You should edit out any of your pointless mistakes that slow down the video, such as taking the wrong character to the door at the beginning.

    Video Quality - You didn't record the game in widescreen, so why is the video in widescreen? It damn well shouldn't be. Also, you should crop about the letterboxing because it's not sightly!
    Commentary - It's boring and is completely devoid of any kind of flow. The way you talk very clearly shows you're not enjoying this at all. You're just talking because that's what you ahve to do when making a Let's Play. It not humourous, or interesting, or insightful, or anything that goes far beyond what we can already see on the screen. When you say you have something you want to say about The Simpsons after the cutscene, you forget all about that, and then when you return to it, it turns out to be really insignificant and something many people would have already realised. You kept us waiting for that?
    Walkthrough Attitude - If anything, this video is trying to show me how to play a game well. The problem is that I don't care about the game. It's your job to draw me in and make me interested in the game. Chasing after the collectables doesn't make the LP or game any more enjoyable.
    Outro - It just happens without much warning. I thought it was another cutscene loading.

    Verdict: Unsatisfactory
    It's boring and not put together really well. Doing live commentary is certainly hurting your ability to think up of good commentary. Make more changes we suggest, get the okay from the Feedback Thread and try again!
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